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11 de April de 2024


Each project has different space requirements, which is why in this article we present 10 types of film locations.

The search for locations on a film shoot is vital in order to know what we want to convey to the audience. Regardless of the type of location needed, it is important to know what is required of each one and in each of the scenes of the project, that is why the location scout is in charge of helping the team to find the best possible place to shoot, always taking into account the different types of shooting locations that exist.

Below, we have compiled a list of 10 types of film locations that are sure to give you ideas for your next production:

1. Apartment

A spacious and bright flat can turn any project into a success.

Tipos de localizaciones para rodajes (1)

2. Penthouse

The dream of any cosmopolitan is to live in a penthouse, and the next blockbuster of the year could have its plot in one. At Locationow you can find the one that best suits the shooting of your series, short film, movie, etc.

3. Chalet

They tend to be a very popular type of film location, especially if they have space for the whole crew. Who can’t remember a horror film that doesn’t have a chalet as the setting for the plot?

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4. Loft

Many series develop the plot of their characters in the houses where they live, and sometimes a loft is chosen as the main character’s home, in the style of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City.

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5. Palace

Another type of location for a film related, for example, to high nobility, would be a palace. Like the Hornillos palace, chosen by Alejandro Amenábar for the filming of ‘Los Otros’.

Tipos de localizaciones para rodajes (1)

6. Farm

In Locationow we have several haciendas from which you can choose as the setting for your next audiovisual production. They are spaces with plenty of space where there are usually no problems with the size of the equipment.

7. Villa

It is very common to choose a villa as a location for a film shoot, among other advantages, because of its size, like most successful locations.

Tipos de localizaciones para rodajes (1)

8. Estate

Another type of film location is the finca, which is similar in some ways to a villa, but sometimes larger in size.

9. Manor House

Many productions are shot in mansions in the style of Scarface, where Tony Montana had a mansion that was practically unattainable for anyone.

Tipos de localizaciones para rodajes (1)

10. Multispace

Within the concept of ‘multi-space’ there are many types of locations for film, such as art galleries, spaces for shootings or photography sessions, dance studios, and a long etcetera. They can provide an infinite number of environments and possibilities for your project.

Tipos de localizaciones para rodajes (1)

If you need a location for your next shoot, at Locationow we have unique spaces to rent for your next shoot. Our team will be happy to advise you if you need it too.

Locationow specialises in everything you need for your film location production. Locationow  is a Locations services company is based in Tenerife – Canary Islands. It provides a full location services that fit for any project in Spain, specially in Madrid and the Canary Islands. We are location managers, offering tailor-made services for any budget and scale. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us without any obligation, we are happy to help you in your production process!


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