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30 de April de 2024


If you’re thinking of becoming a film director, consider these tips from Locationow for shooting a low-budget film.

Making an audiovisual production does not have to be synonymous with being expensive. Everything is relative, so there is no such thing as a budget that is cheap, but a profitable production that far exceeds the investment. But filming a low-budget movie depends on many factors.

Creativity, time and money invested in a film are very important at the beginning of a shoot. You need to plan everything down to the last detail, from the length of the scripts to the choice of the cast.

If you don’t have a big budget, but you’re eager to shoot an audiovisual production, this article is for you. And who knows if one day your film will be on the list of the most profitable films in history.

rodar una película de bajo presupuesto

1. Establish a shooting plan.

Time is precious and, in this case, is also money. When we talk about audiovisual productions, both the technical and artistic team and the location for filming entail a cost that must be taken into account for everything else. There is continuity between all parties, so if something goes wrong, it affects the rest.

Thanks to this plan, it will be much easier to organise aspects of the shoot efficiently and to optimise resources as much as possible for a low-budget movie.

2. Rent the equipment.

It will always be cheaper to rent it than to buy it. If you have a short term goal to make an audiovisual production, Locationow recommends you to rent audiovisual and photographic material.

In addition, there are many options to get cameras, tripods, supports, stabilisers… at a good price to film a low-budget movie.

3. Rent the location.

In Locationow we have a wide range of locations in the Canary Islands where to shoot an audiovisual production. We provide the owners of locations in the Canary Islands with a platform for production companies from all over the world to contact them and shoot on their property. In this way, production companies can search for their film set among the locations, filtering by area, size, style or availability. They can also visit the space in person, make a reservation and start filming!

4. Let your creativity run free.

Another of Locationow’s tips for shooting a low-budget movie is to set no limits to your imagination. Special effects often require a large outlay of money. However, you can overcome these obstacles with your creativity. There are techniques such as out-of-frame that allow you to convey to the viewer what is happening in the film without having to show it.

Or, for example, create the story based on references that inspire you, and create a storyboard where you create a caricature of your film. This will also help you to explain it to the other members of the team.


5. Take advantage of ‘free’ opportunities.

For example, music that is not copyrighted, open post-production software, etc.

The budget you are saving on that item, you can allocate it to another that needs it more.

And, for example, if you think that someone can collaborate in your film for the love of your art, don’t hesitate to take advantage of it, being grateful of course.

A film shoot is a long road that can offer you new economic opportunities. That’s why you should always be on your guard.

As you can see, filming a low budget movie is easier if you pay attention to the details. From Locationow we wish you all the luck in the world and, as we have already said, we put at your disposal a lot of locations in the Canary Islands to make your shooting as profitable as possible.

Locationow is specialized in everything necessary for your location production. We are location managers, we offer services tailored to any budget and scale. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation. We are happy to help you in your production process! If you want to read more content like this, keep browsing our blog and don’t forget to follow us on social networks.

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