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Register your home and get reservations for audiovisual productions

šŸ‘‰šŸ» Film or advertising production companies work with Locationow.

Be part of their productions and turn your space into a film location!

Why on Locationow?

āœ… Free service

There is not coste to register your location and you keep 100% of your negotiated rental rate. Locationow takes cares of the payments, so you donā€™t have to worry about commissions or fees.

āœ… Fully insuranced

Locationow keeps a security deposit from the producer for any type of damage. In addition, Locationow has the insurance policies for each production.

āœ… Film & advertising productions

We have projects related to cinema, music, advertising or Brand content


Register your location for free.

Add the description, photos and rental price. (in just 10 minutes) 


Accept bookings from your locations that are suitable for you.

Take control of your rental price and coordinate with the producers directly to close details about availability and shooting plans. 


Get paid

Locationow withholds payments from the producer before the shooting date.  To protect your location, an insurance deposit is charged to the producer to cover any damage.


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