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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for production companies

  • Checking the availability of a location on certain dates is a free service
  • Locationow will verify the validity of the insurance to third parties and that the payment method is in accordance before starting the filming or photo shoot.
  • Fees:
    • Basic fee of € 350 per location for budgets below € 1,500.
    • Between € 1,500 and € 5,000: 20% of the total location cost.
    • Between € 5,000 and up to € 10,000: 15% of the total location cost.
    • From € 10,000, the percentage will be agreed between the parties.
  • Locationow’s fees for a location agreement will be charged in full to the production company / agency / professional, before the shooting or photo shoot begins.
  • The producer / agency / professional undertakes not to close an agreement directly with our location owners. Requesting, accepting or making any ad fee payment outside of the Locationow Platform or Locationow Payments is prohibited. If you do: You accept all risks and responsibility for such payment and release Locationow from any liability for such payment

Conditions of service for owners

  • Owner registration on Locationow is free.
  • The owner receives 100% of the price set by the owner or the price negotiated between the producer and the owner.
  • The owner has insurance on his property / location. Locationow compulsorily receives a security deposit from the producer to cover any type of damage caused.

Reservation of visits

The visit consists of conducting an inspection of a location and making contact between the owner and the producer.

The producer requests a visit reservation once the request is accepted by the owner:

  • The production company is charged a deposit of 100 euros for each visit.
  • Contact information is unlocked: emails and phone number to make an appointment for a visit.
  • In case the location is chosen, the deposit will be deducted from our final rate once the total payment of the reservation has been made. In the case of not being chosen, the fee of 100 euros will be charged.

Cancellations and refund of reservations

Locationow’s cancellation policy works to ensure that all parties are protected.

  • Notice of more than 7 days = 80% refund of the reservation.
  • Notice of more than 72 hours = 40% refund of the reservation.
  • Notice of more than 24 hours = 25% refund of the reservation.


The producer / agency / professional can reschedule under the following criteria:

  • Both parties must agree to a new date within 90 days of the original production date.
  • Every time the date of a reservation is modified, there is a rescheduling fee in which the fee for each time it is rescheduled is € 100

Damage to locations and security

  • The producer / agency / professional is responsible for leaving the property in the condition in which it was delivered. In the event that an owner claims otherwise and provides evidence of damage, including but not limited to photographs, the production company / agency / professional agrees to pay the cost of repairing such damage.
  • Security Deposit: The production company / agency / professional agrees to provide us with a security deposit, the amount of which will be determined by each location owner (the Deposit). In the event that damages are claimed, the location owner’s deposit will be released within a reasonable time from receipt of such notice of claim. Locationow is not responsible if the collection of any amount exceeds the deposit and also if the damage exceeds the deposit.


  • The amount of the rates does not include taxes (VAT), nor official fees, nor extraordinary expenses that may arise during the procedures.

Location request service

  • Consulting our portfolio of locations and downloading PDF’s from any of our spaces is free.
  • The approximate rate consultation of up to five locations is free
  • Sending additional information (plans, photos, location address, etc.), rate and availability consultation including a visit to a maximum of three locations, it carries a cost of € 100. This amount will be deducted from our final fee, in case any of the locations is chosen.

Booking synchronization service for owners

  • Booking synchronization service includes:

Synchronization of reservations with sales channels (Booking, airbnb, Locationow ..)

Ensure that the occupation of your space matches in all portals, without double reservations

Synchronization with the main OTAs in the market (Booking, airbnb …)

It ensures that reservations made on one portal are detected and blocked in other portals for that period.

  • Locationow offers a free booking sync service for 1 month free. Then the owner will pay € 9.99 per month for this service.

Best position service for owners

  • Those owners can be part of the outstanding TOP of Locationow location searches for 6 months for € 9.90. This service includes: top positions in the search engine, Premium Badge and recommended requests.
  • Promotional offer available only until January 31.
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