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19 de April de 2024


You may have come across the term “location scouting” before; maybe seen it written down or heard it in conversation, without really being sure what it means. We, Locationow, are a location scout and we specialise in location scouting services, so we are here to explain what it is.

Characteristics of a filming location

In the photography and film industry, when a photographer or director shoots in a particular location, this is referred to as location photography.

However, when someone is required to film at a specific location of interest, somewhere they must hire, this is known as a filming location. Film locations come from landowners, available for hire, with the intention of bringing the production crew to film there.

Generally speaking, film locations are stylish houses or studio spaces with an internal space. They are structured to suit large production and photographic teams. The key to everything is that the shoot house fits a specific design trend or style, offering unique features for the project you want to work on.

What makes a film location exceptional?


One of the first things that distinguishes the best locations from the rest is the abundance of natural light. This can completely change the feel of a space and is key to choosing one location over another.


If we combine a light space with tons of natural light, we are certainly more likely to get our location chosen. Remember, whiter spaces are easier to light. This always gives the feeling of a larger area, as the light bounces around the room. On the other hand, while light spaces are ideal, dark spaces can be equally interesting to shoot in. It always brings character, charm and flavour to the space.


Space is vital. No matter how nice your house is, clients can often have difficulty getting the shots they need if the rooms are too small. Large spaces give the client enough room to set up cameras and tripods. However, don’t be discouraged if your house is small. Small spaces can work just as well. This allows the client to bring their own, and design the room according to their needs.


To stand out from the crowd, raw materials are the best addition! Impressive furniture and accessories are a perfect start! Likewise, paint colours or attractive wallpaper can really set you apart from the rest. In addition, elements such as large gardens, extravagant bathrooms or having a private terrace certainly make it an eye-catching shooting location.


Having rooms with multiple areas, or corners, allows clients to achieve varied shots, with different backgrounds. If you have a variety of styles/decor within your property, it offers clients more ability to create more diverse and broad content.


One thing that clients often look for in a film location is ease of access: can they bring their furniture to the property? are there public transport connections or from the airport? can they park their car easily near the property? is there a car park close to the property?, etc. All of these questions are important and conditioning factors when choosing a location. All of these questions are important and are determining factors in the choice.


In many ways, the owner is part of the location, so creating a calm and comfortable environment for the client can determine how attractive the location is, and therefore more likely to be shot again.

In Locationow we have locations for filming in Madrid, Canary Islands and the rest of Spain to shoot from music videos, films, series, photo shoots, to a long etcetera of audiovisual productions. Enter our website, discover spaces and book the perfect location for your next project. We also cover the full service of location production and everything else you need.

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