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1 de March de 2024


If you have an audiovisual project (film, advert, shooting) , having a location agency could be the solution to find the perfect space. Because of that Locatinow brings to you 7 reasons to work with us.

To make the work of the audiovisual producers easier, the locations agencies emerge. In this article we are going to talk about location agencies and why they are important to every audiovisual project.

What is a location agency? 

The locations agencies are entities specialising in areas suitable for filming audiovisual projects. These areas could be inside, like houses, or outside, no matter if they are public spaces or private spaces.

Thanks to them, the production companies save time in looking for locations for their scenes, and with the experience of the locations agencies they can find spaces that on his own would bring to the production companies, time and money.

Among its functions, the company also facilitates the services required by production companies, such as licensing and permit issues, or even coordinating the production set-up.

In Locationow we have locations in the Canary Islands, an enclave for filming of all kinds. Also, nowadays, everything is digitised, even the relationship between the owners and customers makes everything easier.

Advantages of hiring a location scouting service for filming with Locationow

– The big advantage is the facility to contact the owners of tha spaces to the producers companies. Locationow permit to make an automatic reservation, without intermediaries.

– Another advantage is the transparency in the prices of the areas that permit choosing the location with criteria and cost-effectiveness.

– In Locatinow we know the importance of the photos of the location because not always cannot always be visited, so the quality of the photos is very important and all the images that we have in our catalogue passes a quality and resolution filter, to avoid misunderstandings.

– Also, we supervise the technical features, style, availability and location, so that everything is as expected. But you always have the opportunity to make an appointment to visit the space, also it is easy to cancel or reschedule the appointment online.

– Payments are made through the platform, securely and quickly, with guarantees.

– Locationow is a unified and centralised platform, so that data processing is automated and connected to provide the best service for both producers and owners.

– It is a personalised location scouting service for production companies that need more than one location.

If you still have doubts about choosing the perfect location for your filming, Locationow will put you in contact with owners of perfect locations for your audiovisual production, to make it more profitable.

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