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23 de April de 2024


Locationow offers you all the keys to choose the best location to organise your photoshooting.

It’s time to talk about photoshootings. Many of the spaces that are rented in Locationow are also for working in shootings, not only in audiovisual productions such as films, series, spots, video art, etc.

You should take into account several factors to choose the best locations for photoshooting. This way, the results will be equal or better than expected.

Photoshootings are not just about photographing in an artistic way what they are intended to present. It is a montage in which all the elements, including the space for photoshoots, have the aim of communicating, expressing and making tangible the wishes of the person organising the shooting, whether it is an individual or a company.

A professional photo shoot requires, of course, a team that is dedicated to professional photography. The members of the team are responsible, among other things, for choosing the location for the shooting.

Choice of space for the shooting

At Locationow we are experts in this, as we have a wide catalogue of locations that adapt to the needs of any photographic session.

You have to consider the purpose you want to achieve with your photos. If you want to convey a lifestyle style, the setting is everything.

Types of photoshooting

Fashion shootings

Inspiration is key in this type of photo shoot, as its aim is to show the product of a specific brand, which will form part of a collection.

Every shooting is as different as there are brands. Therefore, it is important to take into account the style and aesthetics of the brand to be photographed.

Depending on the type of shooting for a fashion brand, the spaces for the photo shoot will also be different.

There are three different types:

  • Editorial or inspirational shooting. It exudes creativity and is the most complete of all, since the importance is not only the product, but also the context in which it takes place. In Locationow we have spaces for photo shoots, perfect for recreating all the ideas of a photographer’s imagination. Discover them on our website.
  • Product Shooting. The article or the photographed garment is the protagonist. They usually require less context, but can be photographed alone, in a still life or on a model.
  • Corporate Shooting. Focuses mainly on the brand image, which seeks to bring the brand closer to its target audience.

Advertising shootings

The aim of these photo shoots is to form part of a brand’s overall advertising strategy, which must be coherent. To this end, advertising photo shoots must take these aspects into account.

An image campaign requires the choice of models, staging and the choice of locations, crucial to achieve what has been established. In Locationow we have spaces for advertising photo shoots of different characteristics.

If you work in the audiovisual sector, you will know that it is important to take into account even the smallest detail in your work. The choice of locations for photo shoots is an important task that we make easier for you at Locationow, thanks to our locations for all types of shootings.

Locationow  – Locations services company is based in Tenerife – Canary Islands. It provides a full locations services that fit for any project in Spain. In Locationow we have locations for filming in the Canary Islands, Madrid and the rest of Spain perfect for audiovisual projects such as music videos, films, series, photo shoots… Enter in our website , discover our spaces and book the perfect location for your next project. We also cover the full service of location production and everything you need.

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